Full Mouth Rehabilitations

If you have been delaying necessary dental work and have worn down or broken many of your teeth, it’s time to look at the big picture. Rather than addressing one tooth at a time, Dr. Smith looks at your mouth in its entirety before starting any work.

Think of teeth as gears that mesh together – and we all know what a broken “tooth” in a gearbox can do to a transmission. Dr. Smith has done hundreds of long-lasting full mouth rehabilitations, including crowns, implants, and more, and has the experience to know when treatment can be done in phases, or if it needs to be done all at once.

Diagnosing and planning the end result before starting the first procedure always makes sense. Dr. Smith always considers the long-term consequences of your care before suggesting any treatment.

Are You in Need of a Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Juno Beach?

Your oral health affects so much more than just your mouth. Don’t hesitate to get the treatment you need. Contact our office at Advanced Dental Care of South Florida to schedule an appointment today!




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